Donetsk, Dec 8 - DAN. One hundred and sixty-eight new COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed in the Donetsk People’s Republic over the past 24 hours, the DPR Healthcare Ministry reported on Tuesday.

“DPR medics carried out 408 tests on December 7 to diagnose 148 coronavirus infection cases (36.3 percent of all tested individuals) and 20 people showed clinical and epidemiological signs of COVID-19,” the report said.

One hundred and thirty patients have recovered and another eleven people (men aged 40 to 73 and women aged 35 to 88) have died since Monday, the Ministry said.

The DPR currently has 11,695 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 5,749 patients have recovered, 4,845 people continue in- or outpatient treatment and 1,101 have died, according to the latest reports.

Ukraine has reported 10,811 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours; 832,758 people got infected and 13,928 have died in Ukraine since the beginning of the pandemic.*jk