Donetsk, Oct 13 - DAN. Strikes by Kiev forces have damaged more than 2,000 power generating  facilities in the Donetsk People’s Repubic since the beginning of the conflict in Donbass, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“Strikes by Ukrainian armed formations left 2,250 power generating facilities in the Donetsk People’s Republic damaged or completely destroyed since 2014,” the press service said. These include electrical substations, transmission towers etc.

“As of today, nearly all the facilities have been restored to working condition, but some of them are located in the “grey zone” which we cannot access, so repairing them is not possible. However, we no longer depend on these facilities, we rearranged the system of power supply and connections for our settlements. These facilities have no impact on the Republic’s power supply,” the Ministry said. “The Republic’s energy system has been redone to be absolutely independent from Ukraine.”

Earlier reports said that DPR specialists had built a reserve transmission line for frontline settlements outside Yasinovataya.*jk