Donetsk, Jun 13 - DAN. Two hundred and twelve people in DPR have received legal practice certificates since the Republic began to issue them on 26 August 2016, DPR Lawyers Council chairman Konstantin Likholed said on Tuesday.

“As of now, DPR has 212 registered lawyers,” Likholed told a meeting of the People’s Council Committee on Civil and Arbitration Legislation. He reminded that the certificates are issued by the Republic’s Justice Minister, while the Lawyers’ Council provides lawyer’s ID cards.  The Council also accepts applications for practicing license for subsequent review by the Justice Ministry.

“We have some 100 people on record who have the right to receive legal practice certificates,” Likholed added.

The Committee meeting was attended by parliamentarians and representatives of DPR Supreme Court, Justice Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office.

They discussed amendments to lawbill No 282-D (DPR Civil Code) including Lawyer’s Council legal status. The deputies were offered to give it the status of non-profit making non-government organisation and list it accordingly. The Lawyer’s Council status has not been defined at the legislative level until now. The proposal received unanimous support and will be sent to DPR’s People’s Council for consideration.

The first DPR-issue legal practice certificates were handed in to lawyers on 26 August 2016. Until that date, they were able to practice law upon receiving a law degree certificate.*jk