Церемония посвящения первокурсников в студенты Донецкого национального университета донну (26)

Donetsk, June 24 – DAN. DPR higher education institutions are accepting applications from school and college graduates, the Ministry of Education announced.

“Admission process has kicked off, 17 higher education institutions and 103 vocational colleges are accepting applications.”

This year, wider scholarship opportunities are available to last year’s school graduates, military personnel and citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the LPR.

Graduates with honors, science or sport achievements are entitled to additional entrance score as defined by the rules of a particular institution.

Nearly 9,000 state-funded scholarships are available this year, in addition, military personnel, children of those killed in combat or participants of military action are eligible for 650 scholarships; citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the LPR, and applicants under the Humanitarian program are eligible for 300 scholarships (each category). *ot