Donetsk, Jul 10 - DAN. Forcing the pullback of Ukrainian nationalistic squads from the frontline might provoke their armed clashes with “Joint Forces Operation” units, Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command spokesman Daniil Bezsonov told reporters on Tuesday.

“Joint Forces Operation” commander Sergey Nayev came out against the presence of volunteers and uncontrolled nationalistic battalions on the frontline saying that only Ukrainian armed forces and other Joint Forces Operation units would stay in the fighting area. In the light of the above, we might expect stronger disagreements between the Ukrainian army and nationalistic battalions to as far as armed confrontation,” Bezsonov said.

He underlined that Nayev had already advised operations and tactical groups commanders in the region that the Donbass frontline was off limits to nationalists.

Ukrainian mass media earlier reported that Joint Forces Operation commander Sedrgey Nayev prohibited armed volunteers to stay on the Donbass frontline.*jk