Bomb shelter damaged in Gorlovka, some people remain inside

February 05, 2020 13:31

Donetsk, Feb 5 – DAN. A bomb shelter in northwestern Gorlovka sustained a hit during Ukrainian attack as people were hiding there, the city mayor Ivan Prikhodko said.

Ukrainian army opened fire on Shakhta 6/7 in northern Gorlovka in the morning firing 120 mm mortar rounds.

“A bomb shelter in a non-functioning school at 26 Tomiryazeva street was damaged as people were hiding there.

According to the head of the city’s Nikitovskiy district Irina Dzhelomanova, six people were in the shelter at the moment of the attack. Due to the threat of a renewed attack some people still remain inside.

The territory of the school is also contaminated with UXO. Engineers are searching the area. *ot