Donetsk, Apr 2 - DAN. The number of registered candidates for the Donetsk People’s Republic Youth Parliament reaches 507, chairman of the Temporary Youth Election Commission (VMIK) Konstantin Komlyonok said on Tuesday.

“VMIK decided to register 195 candidates for the DPR Youth Parliament who submitted their documents after March 22,” Komlyonok said. “A total of 507 candidates were registered; 127 applicants had failed to meet document requirements.”

Election campaign is the next and most important stage for the candidates: they have to meet with voters, present their election programmes, take part in debates and disseminate promotional materials such as appeals, leaflets or proclamations, he added.

Earlier reports said that VMIK had registered 312 candidates who had applied by March 22. Due to a large number of applicants, VMIK extended the registration deadline to March 30. Overall, more than 630 people applied for registration.

In January, DPR Head Denis Pushilin announced that the Republic would establish the Youth Parliament. The People’s Council passed a resolution on the Youth Parliament on February 28, and later the Temporary Youth Election Commission was set up.

The Youth Parliament is a permanent public deliberative body for interaction between youth and legislative, executive and self-rule bodies in drawing, adopting and implementing the legal acts concerning the rights and legitimate interests of young people. The elections to the Youth Parliament will be held in April.*jk