Donetsk, Jan 4 - DAN. Donbass Post sold more than 30 million roubles worth of stamps last year, the state-owned company’s press service told Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

“As of today, Donbass Post state-owned enterprise has sold more than 30 million rubles worth of stamps and miniature sheets,” the press service said.

“In 2017, the company issued 45 stamps, six miniature sheets, 45 envelopes and its first-ever postcards “From Donetsk With Love.”

“Another 20 special issues are in the plans for 2018, to be detailed on Donbass Post website in the first half of January,” a press service employee said.

Donbass Post was established by the DPR Ministry of Communications decree dated 10 October 2014. The company has issued 98 stamps, ten miniature sheets and 81 envelopes since. *jk