Donetsk, Feb 7 - DAN. The Donetsk Republic social movement announced a book donation action for Donetsk People’s Republic orphanages ahead of International Book Giving Day, the social movement’s press service said on Thursday.

“Making orphans feel that they are not alone and give them a whole world called “book” is the key objective of Donetsk Republic’s action,” the press service said. “We’ll accept fiction and encyclopaedic literature in good condition as well as new books with gratitude. The books will be passed to the Republic's orphanages in the runup to International Book Giving Day.”

Residents can take books to the community liaison offices of Donetsk Republic’s local branches and to the DR Central Executive Committee in the DPR capital. The action will continue till February 12.

International Book Giving Day was established in 2012. It is marked on February 14 in more than 30 countries including Russia. Its purpose is to promote book donation for children across the world and encourage their enthusiasm for books.*jk