Donetsk, May 27 – DAN. DPR Central Republican Bank plans to add new cash machines to raise their number by 1.5 times, the Bank's press service said.

"The Central Republican Bank is constantly working to enlarge its cash machine network. Strategic plan is to increase their number by 1.5 times," the statement reads.

ATM are installed in accordance with the plan, townships without any cash machines or densely populated are prioritized.

If the transaction load is too high, new machines are added.

"If there are no appropriate premises, the network of bank's agents is launched. The project to provided bank's services through the Donbass Post offices is being developed."

Mobile banks are regularly sent to the areas with no access to the bank.

The Central Republican Bank was established in October 2014. It provides services both to individuals and legal entities. The Bank operates 250 branches across 24 towns. *ot