DPR crossing points with Ukraine to remain closed

June 09, 2020 22:36

Donetsk, Jun 9 – DAN. The crossing points on the contact line in Donbass will stay closed until the epidemiological situation has stabilised, the Donetsk People’s Republic COVID-19 Crisis Headquarters said on Tuesday.

“Social media have been increasingly posting information on the re-opening of crossing points between the DPR and Ukraine lately,” the crisis headquarters said. “Please note that such posts are neither more nor less than provocation meant to destabilise the situation in the DPR. It is not possible to open the border unilaterally.”

It noted the low-level coronavirus testing in the Kiev-controlled territory. According to official figures, the region only has 235 confirmed COVID-19 cases. A coronavirus infection outbreak reportedly occurred in Slavyansk where 54 people tested positive, and there are asymptomatic patients in Kurakhovo and Ukrainsk where no infections had been previously reported.

“To open the borders, we have to make sure that it will be safe for our residents. Opening crossing points without any restrictions will inevitably result in the massing of people and waiting in long queues and, consequently, in disease outbreaks. We have to keep the border with Ukraine closed to protect the DPR citizens from COVID-19,” the DPR COVID-19 crisis headquarters said.

Earlier, the Lugansk People’s Republic said that it had no immediate plans to reopen the Stanitsa Luganskaya crossing point. *jk