Donetsk, December 9 — DAN. More than 100 water wells have been drilled in the Donetsk People’s Republic to replenish heat supply systems, the DPR Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry press service reported on Friday.

“As of today, 106 wells have been drilled with the assistance of Russian regions. Water is already supplied to boiler houses from 51 wells, ” the press service said. “Another 12 water wells are being drilled.”

To ensure smooth operation of heat supply systems the region needs 535 water wells which have to be drilled in close proximity to boiler houses, the Ministry said.

The DPR launched central heating on October 19; for social facilities, heat supply became available five days earlier.  Heat supply problems had emerged as a result of draining of radiators by residents, line ruptures and artillery strikes. The current heating season has been called the most difficult in DPR history.*jk