Donetsk, Oct 24 – DAN. DPR ecologists have warned of possible massive floods in northern Donbass due to poor conditions of hydraulic structures.

The Ministry of Emergencies released a statement on Wednesday saying that "flood period causes concerns on Kazennyi Torets and Krivoi Torets rivers in the vicinity of the towns of Druzhkovka, Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. Territories might be flooded there due to poor condition of six dams."

In Slavyansk, 2,396 ha face risks of flooding, including residential areas, industrial parks, mines, lakes, forests and agricultural fields.

The dams belong to Druzhkovskiy plant and town council, Voda Donbassa company and to an abandoned Slavyansk soda plant of the Khimprom enterprise. Overall, 250 hydraulic structures in Kiev-controlled Donbass are in state of disrepair; 45 of those are located in Velikonovosyelovskiy, 40 – in Dobropolskiy, 36 in Krasnoarmeisk districts.

A meeting of the Joint commission on monitoring and control of safety conditions of enterprises and vital infrastructure in Donbass temporary controlled by Ukraine took place in Donetsk today. *ot