Donetsk, Aug 7 – DAN. DPR has restored a PTL badly damaged by Ukrainian armed forces in a shelling incident earlier this year after lengthy negotiations with Kiev, the Ministry of Coal and Energy said.

The power line was badly damaged and 12 of its spans downed; it took engineers two days to repair the line and lightning protection cable. The line is back in operation and the Dolomit substation is energized as normal after several months of being connected to a reserve source as Ukraine refused to coordinate the repair works.

The Ministry of Coal and Energy admitted that the alternative was not safe enough and the customers in Gorlovka were in risk of cut-offs if any damage was inflicted upon the line.

As Ukraine finally issued security guarantees, the repairs were carried out with participation of the DPR Mission to the JCCC as the site is close to Ukrainian positions. Prior to the repairs, the territory was explored to make sure there were no UXO.*ot