Donetsk, Jul 2 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic mobile operator call centre took more than 340,000 calls from residents over Russian citizenship in a year, the Republic’s Communications Ministry reported on Thursday.

“Dozens of our operators have been consulting citizens over Russian citizenship every day for a year,” the Ministry said. “The number of consultations on incoming calls reached 342,366.”

The hotline was set up at the Phoenix mobile operator call centre on July 2, 2019. Call centre personnel consult residents on passport issues, record problems and provide document status information. Since November, as many as 47,225 people have been informed that their passports were ready.

In the DPR, the Russian citizenship hotlines are 0710994949 or 494. The call is free for DPR mobile operator subscribers.

Latest reports said that more than 230,000 DPR and LPR residents had obtained Russian citizenship under fast-track procedure.*jk