Donetsk, Aug 27 - DAN. DPR State Post has issued a souvenir sheet, an envelope and a postal stamp  in metal featuring Arctic explorer Georgy Sedov and Russian first expedition to the North Pole.

The issue coincides with the date when Sedov's ship Svyatoy Muchenik Foka left Arkhangelsk for the North Pole in 1912.

A copy of an album with positive images issued by artist and photographer Nikolay Pinegin, one of the expedition's members, in 1915 will also be available in post offices.

The number of stamps and albums issued is 400.

The souvenir sheet and an envelope featuring Sedov and his museum are available starting today.

The portrait of the famous Donbass native appears on the background of glaciers, ocean and polar bears, and the map of the voyage.

Sedov was born in the village of Krivaya Kosa of Taganrog district (now Sedovo, Novoazov district, DPR) to the family of a fisherman. 

In 1902–1903, Sedov participated in a hydrographic expedition in the Arctic Ocean. In 1909, he led the expedition to the Kolyma river, next year he explored the Krestovaya Bay on Novaya Zemlya.

His 1913 expedition reached Franz Josef Land.

In the winter of 1914, Sedov, sick with scurvy, set off for the North Pole with draft dogs. Before reaching Rudolf Island, Sedov died at sea and was buried at Cape Auk on this island. *ot