Gorlovka, Aug 8 - DAN. Yasinovataya resident Viktoria Vikhreva who asked for new housing via direct line with DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko on 28 June 2017, received the key to a new apartment in central Gorlovka on Tuesday.

The DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko visited the town for the occasion.

Vikhreva is a single mother with two children: Maria, 2 and Dmitriy, 9. The boy suffers from decompensated hydrocephalus, a serious brain disease affecting normal development. The family’s house in frontline Yasinovataya often came under Ukrainian forces’ fire.

The woman rented an apartment in Donetsk for some time but later on she had to move out. On 28 June, Vikhreva talked to DPR head via direct line asking him to help her. Zakharchenko ordered to provide new housing to her.

“We have thousands of such families needing housing,” he said. “As of May, there were more than 2,800 people but the number keeps growing every day.  It will increase for as long as the war continues. As for Viktoria’s apartment, it’s good and light, the tenant is happy.”

The house which is part of the Temporary Accommodation Fund, is located at 34B Pobeda Street in Gorlovka’s Central Urban District. The Vikhreva family got a three-room apartment on the ground floor.

The apartment has been redone, and vinyl windows have been installed. The kitchens and bathrooms come well-equipped with appliances and furniture. Dmitry will have a room of his own. Town administration officials and Donetsk Republic public movement activists helped furnish the apartment.

“I asked the DPR head during direct line to help provide new housing to me, and Alexander Vladimirovich promised to help,” Vikhreva told journalists. “Administration officials then phoned and offered to choose between three towns; I chose Gorlovka. To our family, Alexander Vladimirovich is like the elder brother; we’re very grateful to him.” She also said that town authorities had promised to install a wheelchair ramp at the entrance to the house.*jk