DPR limits trade margins for medical goods and disinfectants

December 09, 2020 17:37
Фото: Минпромторг ДНР

Donetsk, Dec 9 – DAN. The maximum trade margin for medical goods and antiseptics is set at 35 pc for 90 days, the DPR Government said.

“State control over the prices of certain antiseptics and medical goods is introduced for 90 days since the relevant Government’s decree is published,” the Government’s press service said.

The limitations concern medical masks of all types, respirators, protective eyewear, gauze, gloves, protective suits, tubes for collecting biomaterials, tests for coronavirus infection and disinfectants.

According to the document, the maximum wholesale margin is 10 pc, the maximum trade margin is 25 pc, the overall maximum trade margin is 35 pc.

The total number of registered cases as of December 9 is 11,864. More than half of the patients, 6,085, recovered, 1,111 died; 4,668 remain in hospitals or are treated at home. In the past 24 hours, the Ministry reported 155 new cases, 336 recoveries and 10 deaths. Among the patients who died were men aged 37-70 and women aged 35-95. Ukrainian health authority said that the country saw 12,585 new cases in 24 hours, the total number of cases was at 845,343, of those 14,204 died. *ot

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