Donetsk, Dec 1 – DAN. The Unified Economic Council has approved today the protocol on the application of sanitary, veterinary-sanitary and quarantine phytosanitary measures on the external border of the DPR and LPR.
The document, published on the DPR Head website, says that sanitary and quarantine posts will be opened at international checkpoints, equipped with anti-epidemic tools with respect to the requirements approved by the Council. The list of goods transported via designated customs centers has also been published.

The protocol provides for the coordination between the Republics of measures to prevent the import, spread and to eliminate hazards of infectious and non-infectious diseases, as well as the consequences of emergencies and terrorist attacks.

The document regulates the application of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures.

The protocol was approved by the decision No. 20 of the Unified Economic Council dated November 30, 2021.
On January 31 the Republics Heads have signed a Protocol for close cooperation in economy intention and establishment of the unified customs area. The development of a road map for industrial enterprises cooperation was announced later. *ot