Donetsk, Apr 11 - DAN. A Donetsk People’s Republic militiaman was wounded in a Ukrainian army strike, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Thursday.

Bezsonov said that eight DPR settlements came under fire over the past 24 hours. Fire was delivered by servicemen of the Ukrainian army 30th, 93rd, 24th, 57th and 79th Brigades. The enemy used mortars, grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicle cannons and other weapons.

“Regrettably, the People’s Militia suffered casualties as a  defender of the Republic was wounded in enemy fire,” the spokesman said.

He noted that the DPR militia returned fire with weapons not prohibited by the Minsk Agreements to destroy Ukrainian firing positions.

“The enemy losses amounted to one dead and one wounded in 79th Brigade and two wounded in 93rd Brigade,” Bezsonov said.

Earlier reports said that Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 11 times over the past 24 hours firing more than 100 rounds of ammunition at DPR areas. The amount of expended ammunition of calibre up to 12.7mm is not added to overall statistics.*jk