Donetsk, Sep 9 - DAN. Ukrainian armed formations on Thursday morning delivered another strike at Zasyadko coalmine facilities, the Donetsk People’s Republic Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported.

“Apparently, quick recovery of the coal-mining company is not in Kiev forces’ plans; four shell impacts had been recorded at the Zasyadko colliery by September 9 morning; Ukrainian armed formations fired at the same targets as yesterday evening,” the press service said.

On Wednesday evening, a Ukrainian army strike severed all the four power cables and damaged a transmission line pylon. The industrial facilities site  in the Yakovlevka village outside Yasinovataya was fully de-energized. Two main ventilation fans and drainage pumps stopped and fire erupted at two points of the gas line.

“As of 09:00, the industrial site still had no electricity, although power supply had been restored to the other side of the mine field. Twenty-four workers descended to tunnels to pump out water, turn on fans and maintain life support.  The repairs will last at least a day, according to preliminary estimates.

Kiev forces fired 120mm mortars at Donetsk’s northern district where the colliery is located at 19:00, Moscow time, on Wednesday.  The ventilation fan at Shaft #3 was de-energized. Eighty-five miners were evacuated to the surface.

Earlier reports said that two civilians were wounded as Ukrainian forces shelled Donetsk’s Kievskiy district.*jk