Donetsk, Jun 4 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Muslim communities and clergy representatives will urge the international community to influence Ukrainian authorities in connection with the shelling of the Ahat Jami mosque in Donetsk, city Muslim community chairman Rashid Bragin said at a press conference at the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“We’re planning to meet in the nearest future, immediately after the holidays which will last three days,” Bragin said. “We’ll draw a letter and send it to international organisations, including rights organisations, asking them to influence Ukrainian authorities in connection with the mosque shelling, so that they stop shooting at civilians.”

On Tuesday morning, Kiev forces shelled the Ahat Jami mosque in Donetsk’s Oktyabrsky neighbourhood as the Uraza Bayram holiday celebration was underway.

Ahat Jami is the first cathedral mosque built in Donbass. It was unveiled on September 3, 1999. Originally named after Arab traveller and early 10th century writer Ahmad ibn Fadlan, it was renamed in honour of its key sponsor, Donetsk businessman Ahat Bragin, after his death in October 1995.

The mosque which meets the traditions of Ottoman architecture, has one dome and two minarets. It is located in Marshal Zhukov Avenue in Donetsk’s frontline Kuibyshevskiy district. The mosque was shelled in August 2014.*jk