Donetsk, Dec 24 – DAN. Relatives of missing people who live in Ukraine can submit their biological samples free of charge to accelerate the search for missing persons, the DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova said.
"Relatives of persons, who went missing in connection with the Donbass conflict, residing in Ukraine are desperate, and they have to organize rallies to attract the attention of the authorities," she said.
"Today, mothers and wives who have been looking for their missing relatives for almost eight years, are rallying in front of the office of the Ukrainian president Zelensky," she said.
The rally demands to know the truth about their loved ones, but Kiev refuses to do its job, they say.
"The DPR is activating its search efforts," Morozova said.
"We offer an opportunity to all the Ukrainian families whose relatives are missing to submit their biological samples for further molecular-genetic analysis," the Ombudswoman said.
The procedure is free of charge.
This last summer, the DPR and the LPR stepped up the search for missing persons. They established specialized bodies which included officials, law-enforcers and experts. These bodies were tasked with organizing the search for the missing persons, composing a register of the missing, gathering information on them, creating a database of the missing and deceased and their relatives and coordinating exhumation efforts, identification of bodies and handing them over to relatives. *ot