DPR parliamentarian says Zelensky’s Donbass people plans must be nipped in the bud

December 03, 2019 14:58

Donetsk, Dec 3 – DAN. The Ukrainian authorities plans regarding the “lost Donbass residents” must never materialise, member of the Donetsk People’s Republic parliament committee on security and defence Alexander Kurenkov said on Tuesday.

On Monday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview, which was conducted jointly by Time, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and Gazeta Wyborcza, that “there are people who are for Ukraine. There are also lost ones. And finally, there are those who are for Russia; let the latter leave.” On November 29, Ukrainian Security and Defence Council (NSDCU) Secretary Alexey Danilov told reporters that the NSDCU was working on five Donbass reintegration scenarios.

“The Ukrainian president continued his rhetoric <…>  it proves that the Donbass people genocide plan is a real strategy pursued by Ukrainian authorities. They have quite different scenarios, from giving people the opportunity to leave within a month to physical elimination of unwelcome individuals who have their own opinions. This crime must be nipped in the bud,” the DPR parliamentarian said.

In this connection, he recalled the scandal around Danilov. In the first half of November, mass media published the NSDCU secretary’s letter to the president, the SBU head and the prime minister, which said that a majority of Donbass residents were not “pro-Ukrainian” and that they had to be criminally prosecuted and resettled to Russia or central or western Ukraine for “correction.” Kiev made no comments on the documents for two weeks. When the scandal got media attention abroad, Danilov put the blame on Russia saying that the document was a fake.

“Lying non-stop, piling one thing on another and denying all accusations even the most obvious ones make up (Vladimir) Zelensky’s strategy,” Kurenkov said. “Having stated a disavowal of the plans for Donbass residents deportation without publishing it on the official website, the SBU secretary promptly talked about five scenarios which however, were not made public by the Kiev regime. Why are they hiding details of these scenarios? It’s because they are all aimed at committing various forms of genocide against DPR and LPR residents. It is proven by the information about private pre-trial detention centres voiced by the Ukrainian justice minister,” he said.

On November 29, Ukrainian Justice Minister Denis Malyuska announced a sweeping shut down of prisons, cuts in prison personnel and the launching of private pre-trial detention centres.

Kurenkov reminded that in 2014, the people who came out against the government overthrow in Kiev were tortured in the SBU’s secret prisons. “Now Zelensky and his associates decided to use this practice. Furthermore, there are plans to set up a commission and other special bodies to assess the degree of Donbass residents’ loyalty to the Kiev regime,” the DPR parliamentarian said. *jk