Donetsk, Jan 10 – DAN. Lump sum compensations paid to DPR residents for damage to health and wellbeing caused by Ukrainian armed aggression have totalled 1 billion roubles, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy told DAN.

"The total sum of one-time payments made to DPR residents who suffered damages following the Ukrainian aggression has totalled 985.7 million roubles since 2014, there were 14 partial tranches," the statement reads.

Last year, the total of 301.2 million roubles of compensations were paid.

The payments are made under the 2014 Law on Urgent Social Measures to Protect DPR Residents in the Circumstances of Ukrainian Army and Armed Formations Aggression.

Families of killed or deceased, including service members or law enforcement members, as a result of the aggression; civilians qualified as persons with disability as a result of an injury or trauma incurred as a result of the aggression; injured or disabled without obtaining a disabled person status are entitled to compensations of 50,000 - 800,000 hryvnia, paid in roubles. *ot