Donetsk, Oct 4 – DAN. DPR policemen have seized a Vulkan bullpup assault rifle and more than a hundred Kalashnikov cartridges from a Donetsk resident.

"Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department seized four cases of Kalashnikov ammo, more than 120 Kalashnikov cartridges and a Vulkan rifle from a resident of the Budyennovskiy dostrict," police report said.

A criminal investigation under Art. 256 (Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, Sale, Storage,  Transportation, or Bearing of Firearms, Its Basic Parts, Ammunition, Explosives, and Explosive Devices) has been launched.

Malyuk, also known as Vulkan, is a Ukrainian bullpup assault rifle. Malyuk is essentially a bullpup (firearm is one whose action is located behind the trigger instead of in front of it) AK.

It is now believed to be in limited use by the Ukrainian military.

Developers say its effective rate of fire is 700 RPM, effective range 750 m. *ot