DPR reports stabilization of COVID-19 situation

June 03, 2020 16:32

Donetsk, Jun 3 – DAN. The COVID-19 situation has stabilized across the DPR, all the hospitals are supplied with everything they need to fight the coronavirus, the Minister of Health Olga Dolgoshapko said.

“The COVID-19 situation in the DP is stable, there is no sharp spike in the number of cases. The Republic is currently supplied with medications for COVID-19 treatment and necessary equipment, oxygen, medical products that we receive from the Russian Federation,” she said.

According to the minister, 15 pc of tests for COVID-19 came back positive; 60 pc of patients developed only mild symptoms, 25 pc – moderate symptoms, 15 pc – severe symptoms.

DPR has recorded 553 COVID-19 cases, 389 patients remain in hospitals, 144 have been discharged, 20 people died.

The high alert related to the pandemic remains in place. *ot