Donetsk, Jan 30 – DAN. The idea voiced by Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios to make all Ukrainians take a lie detector test to check if they cooperate with the DPR and LPR is a cover-up for a new corruption scheme, a DPR MP, head of the civil and arbitration law commission Andrey Bayevskiy said.

"The proposition voiced by Matios should not be taken seriously, this is just an awkward bluff. Ukrainian prosecution is participating in misappropriation of public funds, that is why they are preparing a news story for their future actions."

Bayevskiy said the initiative clearly violates the law and reveals the true level of Ukrainian politicians' expertise.

Matios said speaking in a TV show on the 112 TV channel that "a powerful intellectual and scientific center in Odessa" has developed a device similar to a lie detector that can detect if a person speaks sincerely in half an hour. "The entire population should pass the test" he said explaining that "every neighbor will be tattling against his neighbors". These are the realities of Ukraine, Matios said.*ot