DPR seeks to extend head’s and deputies’ term of office

August 06, 2018 17:47

Donetsk, Aug 6 – DAN. Activists of Donetsk Republic social movement has tabled a proposal to extend the DPR head’s and deputies’ term of office.

“We are putting forward an initiate to extend the DPR head’s and deputies’ term of office. The world’s is following the path of president’s and deputies’ five-year office terms,” statement reads.

The document is signed by Svetlana Drozhzhina, the dean of the Donetsk National Economics and Trade University, Nikolai Shtefan, the chairman of the DPR Veterans’ Council, and Ruslan Morozov, chair of the international relationships department of the Donetsk National University.

According to the statement, the reason behind the proposition is the time needed by the DPR authorities to fulfill the Power of Donbass development program.

“The program is a set of priority tasks for the authorities, put by the people of the Republic. It would be just right to give them time to assess the government’s results.”

Currently the DPR head and MPs term of office is limited to four years, expiring in the autumn 2018. *ot