Donetsk, Nov 16 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Head has extended the ban on sport events in the Republic until December 1 in connection with the threat of spread of the coronavirus infection.

As before, cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries, culture centres and clubs are open on the condition that the attendance does exceed 50 percent of capacity and if the visitor shows a medical document. The list of such documents and the issuing procedure is approved by the DPR Healthcare Ministry, Pushilin’s Decree No 340 said.

Medical certificates are not required for visits to cafes, gyms, swimming halls or fitness centres. Outdoor training sessions and fairs are permitted. Catering outlets must not be filled in excess of 50 percent of capacity.

The DPR has been on alert since the spring of 2020 because of the threat of spread of the coronavirus infection. Anti-epidemic measures are periodically adjusted depending on infection rates. The DPR last toughened them on November 25 as it restricted the visits to culture centres and suspended sport events.*jk