Donetsk, Feb 26 - DAN. Eight trade unions of the Donetsk People’s Republic received money prizes on Tuesday as winners of a professional holiday contest whose results were summed up on February 21, the DPR Trade Union Federation told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Today, eight winners at the competition for the best Donbass trade unions 2018 exchanged their certificates for money prizes,” the Federation reported.

The eight trade unions received 25,000 rubles each.

Following are the names of the winners and the categories in which they showed the best results:

Asya Gorshkova, head of the teachers’ and scientists’ union (motivating trade union membership);

Georgiy Yankov, deputy chairman of the coalminers’ union (promoting social partnership);

Sergey Lessovoy, chairman of the railway workers’ union (collective agreements);

Yelena Greskiv, chairwoman of the housing and utilities workers union (labour protection);

Yelena Demkina, chairwoman of the culture workers union (promoting a healthy lifestyle);

Valery Nikulskiy, chairman of the state bodies and public services workers union (international cooperation);

Olga Rud, chairwoman of the communications workers union (cultural and public events) and Galina Movchko, chariwoman of the trade and public catering workers union  (assistance rendered by trade unions).

The results of the contest were announced in Donetsk during the festivities marking Trade Union Worker’s Day on February 21. The winners living in Kiev-controlled areas received their prizes on the same day. The events were organised under the aegies of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme.*jk*pp