Donetsk, Jan 25 - DAN. An exhibition of DPR students’ achievements was opened in Donetsk on Thursday as part of Donbass Youth Festival. Young scientists displayed their know-how at the Shakhtar Plaza hotel complex.

The designers and inventors represent Donetsk National Technical University, Gorkiy Donetsk National Medical University and Donbass Agrarian Academy.

Displayed items include a video laryngoscope which helps to restore breathing during asphyxia, a hexapod robot to lay cables without damaging drop ceilings, a computer numerical control milling machine, a stroboscope, a memory trainer etc.

Twenty pieces of equipment were presented overall including Donetsk Technical University robot arm prototype imitating human hand movements. The designers said they would finalise the robot and that it would have enhanced functions compared with the existing domestic counterparts. The artificial limb owner will be able to easily take small things and will have good hand motor skills.

“We worked on it for two months; the robot arm imitates human hand movements performed by an operator having a sensor glove. The casing is made of 3D printed plastic,” Valeriy Grin, one of the designers, told DAN.

Donetsk launched International Donbass Youth Festival on Thursday. It gathered more than 1,000 people from DPR, LPR, the Russian Federation and some 100 people from Kiev-held areas. *jk