Donetsk, Jun 15 – DAN. DPR Public committee for frontline areas has distributed 50 tons of humanitarian aid since its launch in December 2017, said the head of the public committee, head of the People's Council temporary committee for control and coordination of activities in frontline areas suffering consequences of Ukraine's offensive Ekaterina Martyanova.

"Members of the public committee have visited 70 frontline townships, delivered 50 tons of humanitarian aid: food, household chemistry, clothes, etc; 3,000 families received aid."

The Public committee for DPR frontline areas which suffered massive damage during Kiev’s offensive against Donbass was established in December 2017 following the initiative of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko. The group provides assistance to residents of frontline areas from consultations to help in delivering coal, food and medications.

Today the first joint DPR-LPR parliamentary session on developing of inter-parliamentary cooperation is taking place in Donetsk. *ot