Donetsk, Jun 11- DAN. A group of seriously ill children from the Donetsk People’s Republic will go to Russia for treatment next week, DPR Healthcare Minister Olga Dolgoshapko said on Thursday as she was speaking at a round table meeting over Russia’s role in the establishment and development of the Republic.

“I want to specially thank Russia for saving our children,” Dolgoshapko said. “Elizaveta Glinka was the first to make arrangements in 2014 for treating seriously ill DPR children in Russia. They included heart, brain nervous system disease cases and children wounded in the Donbass conflict. Russia continues to save our children.”

Another group is due to leave for Russia on June 15. “We’re waiting for a Russian Emergency Situations Ministry plane to collect our children,” she added.

The round table discussion was held in Donetsk at the initiative of the DPR Public Chamber. It was attended by Public Chamber chairman Alexander Kofman, his deputy Yekaterian Martyanova, Donetsk Republic Central Executive Committee chairman’s aide Andrey Bedilo, Russian Centre Executive Director Yelena Yevseyeva and other officials.*jk