Donetsk, Oct 20 – DAN. The DPR has successfully launched heating season 2017, the minister of construction and public utilities services Sergey Naumets said on Friday.

"The heating season traditionally started on October 15, though Ukrainian mass media sources spread fake stories. The central heating system was being launched in accordance with a schedule based on peculiarities of gas transportation system," he said. "This year infrastructure is much better prepared compared to previous seasons."

Currently 1,112 boiler houses operate in the DPR; heating systems have been launched in 99.5 pc of residential houses and in 99.9 percent of public buildings.

The minister emphasized that in Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk, which had faced troubles with heating before, heating season has been launched successfully this year.

"Maintenance crews have a lot of work, as utility systems are worn out and urgent repairs are often needed, which affects heating statistics."
The Ministry of Public Utilities is monitoring the situation, according to Naumets. *ot