“Order of Judas” for Poroshenko to be made of fragments of ordnance fired at DPR

February 12, 2019 17:43 // Updated: February 12, 2019 20:21

Donetsk, Feb 12 – DAN. The “Order of Judas” for Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko will be made of fragments of artillery shells fired by Kiev forces at Donetsk People’s Republic settlements,” Donetsk Republic social movement Central Executive Committee chairman Alexey Muratov said at a press briefing at the Donetsk News Agency.

“Our activists have often travelled to frontline districts recently to talk to residents and help them,” Muratov said. Locals suggested utilising ammunition rounds coming from Ukraine to cast a medal for Petr Poroshenko and give it to him. Our movement supports this initiative and announces the launching of the action whose objective is to make the “Order of Judas” and give it to the recipient.”

The DR Central Executive Committee chairman said that shell fragments would be gathered in the course of Ukraine’s presidential election campaign and that the order would be sent before the election day on March 31.

“Poroshenko is seeking a second term; we’d like to “support” him with our action so that he feels “proud” and understands that Donbass residents haven’t forgotten as they daily experience the pain and suffering which he brings to ordinary people, Muratov said.

The DR chairman’s liaison offices across the Republic will make arrangements to have shell fragments collected.

The proposed order for Poroshenko has a historical counterpart: in 1709, Russian Tsar Peter I ordered to cast the Order of Judas for Zaporozhye Host chief Ivan Mazepa who, just before the Battle of Poltava, had defected to Sweden, Russia’s opponent in the Northern War. The 5-kilogramme silver Order displays Judas Iscariot who hung himself on an aspen tree with 30 silver pieces lying at his feet. “Thrice-cursed is perishing son Judas as he hangs himself for covetousness” runs the inscription on the Order.*jk