Donetsk, Nov 20 – DAN. Naberezhnoye township in Novoazovskiy district, south DPR, was left without power by Ukrainian strikes the previous evening, local administration head Anatoliy Yanovskiy told DAN.

"Yesterday at 9 p.m. Naberezhnoye township was left without power due to shelling, 80 customers are effected,' he said.

Repair workers have already been dispatched to the area; no casulaties have been reported yet.

The head of Gorlovka administration Ivan Prokhodko reported a house damaged in Zaitsevo township, north of Gorlovka.

"In the night the Ukrainian armed forces opened fire on Zaitsevo, an outhouse on Poletayeva 143 street sustained direct hit," he said.

DPR Operations Command reported 38 ceasefire violations by the Kiev forces, who fired nearly 920 rounds at the Republic. *ot