Donetsk, Mar 12 - DAN. Kiev representatives intend to show at the new Contact Group meeting in Minsk the falsified evidence alleging the Donetsk People’s Republic involvement in the car explosion at the Yelenovka checkpoint on February 23, DPR People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Tuesday.

“The Ukrainian army Special Operations planned a propaganda action to accuse the DPR leadership and People’s Militia command of the tragedy which occurred in the Yelenovka checkpoint area on February 23,” Bezsonov said. “A civilian car headed for Donetsk from Ukraine hit a mine planted by Ukrainian saboteurs. Two DPR residents were killed and one was wounded.”

The spokesman said Ukrainian forces were trying to shift the responsibility for the crime committed by the Ukrainian military onto the DPR. The Ukrainian army’s 72nd Information and Psychological Operations Centre prepared a video showing distorted and out-of-context phrases spoken by the DPR leaders allegedly pointing at the People’s Militia involvement in the tragedy.

“They plan to brainwash the OSCE representatives during the Contact Group meeting in Minsk on Wednesday with the misinformation prepared by Ukrainian spin doctors and  publish it in Ukrainian media,” Bezsonov said.

On February 23, a civilian car hit a mine as it was crossing the contact line in the Yelenovka area southwest of Donetsk. Two passengers died and one was wounded. The DPR Prosecutor General’s Office and the Russian Investigative Committee filed criminal cases over the Yelenovka crossing point car explosion.

On March 13, all the Contact Group working groups will have scheduled meetings in the Belarussian capital Minsk.*jk*pp