Kiev’s authorities’ Sanzhary actions disgraceful – DPR activist

February 21, 2020 22:39

Donetsk, Feb 21 – DAN. The situation with the people evacuated from the coronavirus-hit China showed the incompetencе of Kiev authorities, head of the Donetsk Republic social movement Central Executive Committee Alexey Muratov said on Friday.

Earlier reports said that Kiev had airlifted 45 Ukrainian citizens and 28 foreigners from the Chinese city of Wuhan where a coronavirus outbreak had occurred. Upon returning home, the Ukrainian citizens met with aggressive reaction from their compatriots. In the Sanzhary township area in Ukraine’s Poltava region where the arrivals had to be quarantined at the health centre, local residents blocked the buses carrying the arrivals, torched car tyres, set up barricades and threw stones at the buses. Nine police were hurt in the riot.

“A lack of dialogue with the population, the wish to exclude residents from the factors that have to be taken into account in carrying out the important mission, the disregard for their interests and the desire to to force their own will showcases  the policy of all post-Maidan authorities,” Muratov said.

“It is the incompetence of Ukrainian authorities that led to the Donbass conflict escalation at one time. What commitment to European values or yearning for Europe can they talk about when the whole world witnesses the shocking national disgrace caused by unprofessionalism, narrow-mindedness and cynicism of the authorities, which once again resulted in discord and confrontation”, the Donetsk Republic Central social movement Executive Committee head added.

The outbreak of coronavirus 2019-nCoV was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December 2019. The latest reports said the coronavirus killed 2,236 people in China, some 18,300 convalesced while the number of the infected exceeded 75,400.*jk