Donetsk, Sep 8 - DAN. Russia’s Merited Artist Grigory Leps gave his first performance in the Donetsk People’s Republic capital congratulating DPR residents on the 77th anniversary of Donbass liberation.

The venue was Lenin Square, but the popular singer’s show gathered so many people that the adjacent Artyom Street between the Gurov and Myakovsky Avenues was crowded as well. The Russian Centre told the Donetsk News Agency that it estimated the number of viewers at about 70,000.

Leps performed such hits as "Clothes Between," "Time," "Whatever," "So What," "Sky" etc.  The thankful audience applauded the singer. The centre of Donetsk shimmered with phone flashlights as  he sang "Amen."

In a most emotional manner, city residents and guests welcomed his songs "A Shot of Vodka," "The Best Day" and "Waterfall" that wrapped up the show.

September 8 was declared a day-off in the DPR. The curfew which is normally in effect from 23:00 till 4:00 was suspended overnight to September 8. Reinforced police units are watching law and order.

On September 8, Donbass marks Day of Liberation from Nazi Germany invaders. The regional centre - the town of Stalino (currently Donetsk) - was liberated in the course of the Donbass offensive in 1943.*jk