Donetsk, Dec 27 – DAN. Martial law expiration in Ukraine does not mean that the threat of military action breakout is no longer present, said deputy chief-of-staff of the DPR People's Militia Eduard Basirin.

"The threat of Ukrainian agression persists, all their armed formations' actions show they want a renewal of a full scale military action. They still concentrate equipment on the contact line, amass forces showing they are ready for a military-style solution to the conflict.

He said that DPR troops are ready for any scrnario and to withstand any attempted assaults.

"We call on the international community to pay attention to Kiev's actions and to influence their reckless decision making."

Earlier on Wednesday Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko said at the National security council meeting that martial law had expired. It was imposed on November 26 in 10 regions. Poroshenko first tabled a 60-day martial law to facilitate presidential election postponement, but lawmakers endorsed draft law on a 30-day martial law. *ot