Donetsk, Nov 14 – DAN. DPR Ombudswoman, DPR representative at the Minsk humanitarian group Daria Morozova has said that Kiev should send its representatives to the Minks talks, to show its true commitment to the prisoner exchange.

"If Ukraine truly intends to renew the exchange process, it should at least send its representatives to the next meeting of the humanitarian subgroup in Minsk. If there are no representatives, we shall consider Poroshenko's statement on exchange just bad publicity."

Morozova said the DPR has been long prepared to carry out the second stage of the exchange on the basis of "all confirmed for all confirmed". The DPR has also requested Kiev's official representative in the humanitarian subgroup Viktor Medvedchuk to clarify the exchange of 174 people for 46 he proposed.

"We are waiting for the answer. Probably, it is the formula to be used for the second stage of exchange. But it should be discussed within the framework of the talks."

Kiev's representatives should be present to present the exchange lists, she said.

Earlier Medvedchuk said that the first stage of the exchange based on the "306 for 74" formula was successful, but some issued emerged when preparing the second stage on the "46 for 174" basis.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 22 in Minsk. *ot