Novoazovskiy district residents to lodge claims against Kiev at ECHR worth RUR 72 mln

February 04, 2020 13:52

Donetsk, Feb 4 – DAN. Residents of the frontline Kominternovo village in the Donetsk People’s Republic Novoazovskiy district have prepared the first compensation claims against Ukraine totalling 72 million rubles, which will be lodged at the European Court of Human Rights, chairwoman of the Public Commission for Assessing Ukraine-caused damage Anastasia Butorkina said.

“In the course of the fighting, more than 800 dwelling houses in the Novoazovskiy district were damaged by Ukrainian army strikes,” Butorkina said. “The Kominternovo village, especially its Akhmatova Street located in the outskrits next to the contact line took the worst damage.”

“The Commission has reviewed appeals from residents of that street,” she said adding that 149 people had lived in 71 houses in Akhmatova Street before the war.

Twenty-one houses have been totally destroyed or burnt down since the fighting broke out. Other houses sustained damage to this or that extent; load-bearing walls, roofs, overhead beams, windows, doors and power supply systems were damaged in 11 houses and partial damaged was caused to roofs, walls and windows of another 39 houses. As of today, forty people live in this street.

“The overall damage caused to the Kominternovo residential area and tenants in Akhmatova Street is roughly estimated at 72 million rubles,” Butorkina said.

Earlier, Gorlovka and Staromikhailovka residents gathered all necessary documents to lodge an action against Kiev and claim compensation for the damage caused by the Ukrainian army. Debaltsevo residents are also poised to lodge their claims at the ECHR. The public commission for assessing the economic damage caused to the Donbass population by Ukraine was set up in Donetsk in November 2019. The decision to set up the commission was made by a group of activists from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic at a public meeting.*jk