Donetsk, Mar 26 - DAN. The “Order of Judas” for Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko is ready; Donbass residents will be able to see it at DPR crossing points, the Donetsk Republic social movement press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“The production of the “award” for Poroshenko has been completed. The “Order of Judas” is a 2.5-ton medal made from fragments of Ukrainian army ammunition fired at Kiev authorities’ orders at DPR civilians,” the press service said. “The DPR residents award this medal to Petr Poroshenko and his henchmen.”

The “Order of Judas” will be displayed at the Gorlovka crossing point from 12:00 to 15:00 on Tuesday, together with the “Book of Shame” in which residents who cross the contact line can leave their messages for Poroshenko. The Order will be subsequently displayed at each DPR crossing point.

The DPR launched the “Order of Judas” action on February 12, 2019.  The collection of fragments of ammunition rounds fired by Ukrainian servicemen at the Republic’s settlements was launched amidst the Ukrainian presidential election campaign. It is planned to send the Order to the addressee before the Ukrainian election (on March 31 - eds Donetsk News Agency).

The proposed medal for Poroshenko has a historical counterpart: in 1709, Russian tsar Peter 1 ordered to cast the Order of Judas for Zaporozhye Host chief Ivan Mazepa who, just before the Battle of Poltava, had defected to Sweden, Russia’s opponent in the Northern War. “Thrice-cursed is perishing son Judas as he hangs himself for covetousness” runs the inscription on the 5-kilogramme silver Order.*jk*pp