Donetsk, Apr 2 - DAN. The “Order of Judas” for Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko made from fragments of ordnance fired at Donetsk People’s Republic settlements has been installed near the Yelenovka crossing point. It will be on permanent display at this location south of Donetsk as a reminder of Kiev regime crimes.

The order was put on a makeshift base by the road running into the Kiev-controlled territory. A special foundation will be built for the “award” in the near future so that it could be seen hundreds of metres away.

“This order has a tiny bit of each of us, our anger, blood and suffering,” Donetsk resident Olga Zhukova said. “This place was chosen as it is near the crossing point, and all those who return to our native Donetsk or go to Ukraine can see the “monument” to Poroshenko and his bloody regime.”

Some fifty people, including Kiev aggression victims, gathered at the “Order of Judas” site. Anastasia, a resident of Dokuchayevsk, lost her father in January 2015 when Ukrainian forces shelled the town.

“I contributed to the making of the “Order” with a shell fragment, and I wish Poroshenko to be punished and to get what he deserves. My mother and I still cannot reconcile ourselves with the tragedy,” she said.

The DPR launched the “Order of Judas” action on February 12, 2019. The collection of fragments of ammunition lasted for some six weeks. The resulting “medal” is two meters in diameter massing some 2.5 tons.

The proposed Order for Poroshenko has a historical counterpart: in 1709, Russian tsar Peter 1 ordered to cast the Order of Judas for Zaporozhye Host chief Ivan Mazepa who, just before the Battle of Poltava, had defected to Sweden, Russia’s opponent in the Northern War. “Thrice-cursed is perishing son Judas as he hangs himself for covetousness” runs the inscription on the five-kilogramme silver Order.*jk