Donetsk, Dec 16 – DAN. Ukraine deliberately protracts the work of the Contact Group on peaceful resolution of the Donbass conflict; such conclusion was made at today's round table of the experts and political analysts who discussed the results of this year's work in Minsk and the key issues on the way to achieve a stable peace in the region.

"It will go on forever," he said. "Only if all the conditions are fulfilled we will achieve peace."

The Dean of the History Faculty of Donetsk National University Kirill Cherkashin agreed with his colleague.
"I don't see why Ukraine might start fulfilling the articles of the Minsk Agreements. Because the key point is a constitutional reform, meaning the state should be dramatically re-organized. The current and would-be Ukrainian authorities won't go there. Consequently, the implementation of other conditions is hardly possible. "

DPR acting head of the Foreign Ministry Natalia Nikonorova also pointed to the lack of progress in the Minsk talks.

"As for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, there is no positive result and no progress."

The round table takes place in Donetsk National University. The experts from DPR and Russia, ministers, bloggers, journalists and Primary winners discuss the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, as well as October 2 Primary outcomes in view of establishing new administrative elite in the region; and inter-regional cooperation with Russia. *ot