Power engineers alerted as adverse weather hits DPR – Ministry

February 06, 2020 12:36

Donetsk, Feb 6 – DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Regional Power Supplier company (REK) has switched to the ‘intensive operation mode’ due to adverse weather, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry said on Thursday.

“REK personnel are on intensive duty; in Donetsk alone, 41 repair teams and 43 units of equipment are working,” the Ministry said.

In the past 24 hours, 102 transmission lines, 920 transforming and distribution substations, and some 45,000 customers in the DPR were left without electricity due to band weather; power had been restored to some 25,000 customers by the morning of February 6, the Ministry said.

The authorities urged residents to treat the situation with understanding promising quick repairs in case of power grid failures or breakdowns. Priority will be given to infrastructure facilties, such as shcools, kindergartetns and health centres, the Ministry said.

Adverse weather hit the DPR on February 5. Heavy snowfalls downed trees, wrecked transmission lines and caused traffic jams across the Republic.*jk