Donetsk, Jul 15 – DAN. The anniversary of Ukrainian airstrike on Snezhnoye in 2014 is the reminder that Kiev is ready to commit any crime to conquer Donbass, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

"Every year this day takes us back to realization that Kiev is ready to commit any crime to break Donbass people. Ukrainian fighters purposefully fired missile after missile on the city knowing that there are children, woman and elderly people. It can never be forgotten or forgiven," Pushilin's statement reads.

On 15 July 2014, a Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 fired at least six missiles targeting central Snezhnoye. The strike collapsed the entrance hall of a house at the Lenina Street and damaged neighboring buildings killing 12 civilians and injuring at least 10 including a child.

Ukrainian authorities have been avoiding any comments on what happened. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said in December 2019, his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky had been surprised to learn that Ukrainian army employed aviation in Donbass.*ot