Pushilin says DPR needs dramatic economic reforms

May 11, 2020 11:20

Donetsk, May 11 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has congratulated the country’s residents on the Republic’s Day and identified development objectives.

“The Republic is another year older now. We have learnt to fight. Have established a state, secured defense and a chance to build peaceful life. We provide social protection to our residents and constantly working to raise social benefits,” the announcement published on the Republic’s Day reads.

Pushilin said that currently the DPR economy has to undergo dramatic reforms. “I am sure we shall succeed,” he said.

“The way back home to Russia turned out to be extremely difficult, but it makes the reciprocal action, clearly visible today, even more joyful”.

“I wholeheartedly thank DPR residents for bringing our common victory close by being at your workplaces, on duty or at a factory, in a field or at school, you show the strength of spirit and Donbass resistance. ”

The Republic’s Day is celebrated on May 11, the day when the referendum on the DPR independence took place in 2014. *ot