Donetsk, Oct 21 - DAN. Russia’s Investigative Committee (SK) opened criminal proceedings over the shelling of Donetsk’s Kuibyshevsky district by Ukrainian troops on Thursday morning, the SK press service reported.

Earlier reports said that an 11-year-old child and a 18-year-old girl had been hurt in a strike delivered at Donetsk by Ukrainian armed formations. Four houses, a gas pipe and three cars were damaged. The Kiev army used 122mm and 152mm artillery to shell the Donetsk People’s Republic capital.

“A criminal case was filed over the crime covered by Russian Criminal Code Article 356, Part 1 (cruel treatment of civilians; use of means or methods in an armed conflict banned by an international treaty of the Russian Federation.). Such crimes have no statute of limitations, and the evidence gathered by the Investigative Committee will sooner or later be considered by courts which will try those who issue and execute criminal orders," the SK said.

According to the investigators, Kiev servicemen planned to kill or inflict heavily bodily harm on a large number of non-combatants during the shelling of Donetsk. “Ukrainian forces violated the protocol on stopping the use of weapons in southeastern Ukraine and the memorandum to it, as well as provisions of the Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War and Additional Protocol II,” the SK said. *jk